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Cross Stitch Techniques - How to Cross Stitch - About.com
Basic Cross Stitch is simple, but as skills develop, learning about these techniques will help to improve the look of completed Cross Stitch Projects.
Stab and Sewing Methods of Cross Stitching - How to Cross Stitch
Two main methods used to stitch cross stitches. ... There are two different stitching techniques commonly used in Cross Stitch Embroidery. The first, the " stab" ...
How to Railroad Stitches - Cross Stitch Technique - Railroading and ...
Railroading is a term used by stitchers to describe a specific stitching technique. When using this techniques, the floss is smoothed down with a laying tool or ...
Basic Skills Used in Cross Stitch Embroidery - How to Cross Stitch
Learn the basic skills used in Cross Stitch embroidery. Find out how to use supplies and tools to make stitching projects more successful. Master techniques to ...
Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - How to Railroad Cross Stitch
After you stitch each half stitch, use your tapestry needle to smooth the stitches as shown. You may also use a larger sized tapestry needle or a tool specifically ...
Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - Why Should I Railroad?
Railroading produces smoother stitches and better floss coverage. ... Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - How to Railroad Stitches. By Connie G. Barwick.
Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - Practice Makes Perfect
Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - How to Railroad Stitches ... At first, using railroading to smooth cross stitches may seem a little tedious, but with practice it ...
Watercolor Painting and Cross Stitch Technique Video Demonstration
Get working in mixed media with this combination watercolor painting and cross stitch technique, clearly demonstrated in this short video.
Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - Smooth Top Stitches Only If ...
Some stitchers only railroad the top half stitches of the cross stitch.
Links To Learn Crochet Stitches Techniques Step By Step - About.com
Where to Find Crochet Stitches and Techniques How-to Pages. Each how-to is by ... Stitch or Technique Click on each title to ... Cross-Stitch on Single Crochet.
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