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Whole Cross Stitch - About.com
What is meant by Whole Cross Stitch when used to refer to a chart?
The Five Basic Stitches in Cross Stitching - About.com
Information about the basic stitches used in Cross Stitch Embroidery including diagrams, tutorials, and suggested practice patterns. With these five stitches, you  ...
Stitching From Cross Stitch Kits - Getting Started with Cross Stitch Kits
For a first project, look for smaller design with whole cross stitch and limited color selection. As skills increase, more detailed projects may be attempted. If a large ...
Cross Stitch - How to Work the Cross Stitch - Needlepoint - About.com
Then, insert your needle over 2 or more diagonal intersections from right-to-left, and down into the canvas to complete a full cross stitch. Complete the row of ...
Free Cross Stitch Patterns and Projects - About.com
Many of the patterns are whole cross stitch only. Most patterns (unless indicated otherwise) are designed by About.com Guide to Cross Stitch, Connie G. Barwick  ...
Free Whole Note Cross Stitch Pattern - About.com
Whole Note design to add to a book cover for your favorite music book or to use for decorating a musician's instrument case.
Free Valentine's Day Cross Stitch Patterns - About.com
Based on stencil designs (artwork used with her permission) by Marion Boddy- Evans, About.com Guide to Painting, these patterns are all whole cross stitch and  ...
Stitching Levels - Cross-Stitch - About.com
When a free Cross Stitch pattern is designated for beginners, the pattern is mostly whole cross stitch and back stitch. Some of the patterns may have fractional ...
Free Egyptian-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns - About.com
Fun charts to stitch for the fan of Egyptology in your life. ... Stitched in whole cross stitch in the color of your choice, this design is simple enough for a beginner.
Free Quarter Note Cross Stitch Pattern - Free Quarter Note Counted
If you use one of the free patterns from About.com Cross Stitch, please share a photo of your project. We'd also love to ... Free Whole Note Cross Stitch Pattern.
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