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How To Care for Aida Fabric - How to Protect Aida and Other Cross Stitch Fabric


Stain on Aida Fabric

Mystery Stain on Aida Fabric

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Fabrics such as linen and Aida are an essential Cross Stitch supply. Learn more about protecting and cleaning Cross Stitch fabric.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. Clean hands are the first defense against damage to Cross Stitch fabric.
    Wash your hands before stitching. Stop and wash your hands if you touch anything that may soil them while you are stitching. Gently ask anyone who wants to touch your cross stitching to wash his or her hands first.
  2. Keep projects away from children and pets.
    Neither small children or pets will understand the need to keep fabric clean. Some pets may even chew the fabric causing damage or holes.
  3. Keep all tools and implements used on Cross Stitch fabric clean.
    Store scissors, marking pens, needles, and other tools in a safe place and dedicate them to cross stitching.
  4. If you use a hoop, clean it with alcohol or mild detergent and allow to completely dry.
    Frames should be held by the frame and not the fabric. The natural oils from your hands may eventually stain the fabric. You may also want to use protective fabric sleeves on frames to help keep the fabric clean. For example, Nordic Needle carries a variety of Grime Gard covers.
  5. To avoid creases, store fabric rolled up or flat instead of folded.
    A crease may be next to impossible to iron out, and fading may occur along the folds.
  6. Clean Aida, linen, and other Cross Stitch fabrics with cool water and a very mild detergent.
    If bright flosses bleed, keep rinsing the project with cool water until it runs clear. Do not wring the fabric out. Press it between the folds of a clean white towel to remove most of the water and lay it flat to dry in a safe location. Iron before completely dry.


  1. For a mild detergent, try Soak Wash.
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