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Aida Fabric

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Overview of Aida Fabric:

Aida fabric is the perfect material for Cross Stitch designs. Tiny holes in the fabric assist with stitch placement. Many colors of the fabric are available with common fabric counts, or squares per inch, ranging from 6 to 18.

Characteristics of Aida Fabric:

Aida Fabric is an evenweave or open weave fabric. Aida is woven in such a way that tiny uniformly-sized squares are formed. Each square is the same width and height.

Aida is 100% cotton. The fabric is washable, durable, easy to care for, and sturdy enough to withstand repeated handling, particularly by new stitchers.

The grid on a Cross Stitch pattern corresponds to the grid on Aida fabric making it easy to determine stitch placement.

Information About Painting and Dyeing Aida Fabric:

Since Aida fabric is 100% cotton, paints and dyes may be used to enhance the fabric. The following resources contain information about dyeing or painting fabric.

If you are not up to dyeing or painting your own fabric, hand-dyed Aida fabric may be purchased from many cross stitch fabric companies.

More About Cross Stitch and Aida Fabric:

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