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Floss Bobbin Winder

Floss Bobbin Winder

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Name of Cross Stitch Tool:

The Floss Bobbin Winder makes placing floss on floss bobbins faster and easier.

How to Use a Floss Bobbin Winder:

Most winders come with a peg to hold the floss bobbin in place. Remove the peg, place the bobbin in the holder, and insert the peg to secure the bobbin in place.

Secure the floss in the slot on the bobbin and turn the handle on the bobbin winder to wrap the bobbin with floss. Use your hand to guide the floss to fill the bobbin uniformly.

Why to Use a Floss Bobbin Winder:

Wrapping floss around hundreds of bobbins could be rather tedious without this tool. Since I use a bobbin-based storage system for my DMC Embroidery floss, I use the winder to help speed up the organization process.

Winding floss has the added benefit of being rather mindless work - some of us stitchers find it soothing, but we have to be in the mood to wind floss.

Purchase a Floss Winder:

Purchase from Jannlyn or your favorite brick and mortar or online shop.
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