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Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork Embroidery uses outline stitch and other embroidery stitches to create simple to elaborate geometric patterns. Traditionally black floss is used; however, modern stitchers use other colors as well.
  1. Free Blackwork Patterns

Brief History of Blackwork Embroidery
History of Blackwork from Wikipedia.

Create a Blackwork Design
Use the stitches and suggestions provided by the Embroideres' Guild (UK) to create a Blackwork tree design.

Holbein Stitch Diagram
Holbein Stitch, also known as outline stitch, is the most commonly used stitch in Blackwork Embroidery. This diagram from Wikipedia is accompanied by an explanation of the name of the stitch.

The Blackwork Archives
Paula Kate Marmor, Blackwork instructor, provides information and Blackwork patterns on her site.

Free Blackwork Charts
X-Calibre Designs shares free blackwork charts and lessons for you to try out.

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