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Fairy Enchantment by Joan Elliott

9 Mystical Designs

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Joan Elliott's Fairy Enchantment

Joan Elliott's Fairy Enchantment

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Fairy Enchantment by Joan Elliot includes nine mystical designs that are enchanting and beautiful. There are five larger designs and four smaller and quicker to stitch designs included in this collection.

Stats for Joan Elliott's Fairy Enchantment

Title: Fairy Enchantment
Designer: Joan Elliott
Publisher: House of White Birches
Number of Pages: 47
Number of Projects: 9
Chart Format: Black-and-White with Some Colors for Back-Stitch
Type of Book Reviewed: 2011, Paperback, First Edition Printing
Stitching Level: Intermediate - Advanced Stitcher for the Larger Designs
Beginner to Intermediate for the Smaller Designs

  • Wide Variety of Fairy Designs Included
  • Charts Easy to Read
  • Small Designs Coordinate and are Quick-to-Stitch
  • Only One Stitched Model Is Presented; Others are Virtual Models
  • Designs are Quite Detailed Which May Be Off-Putting for Some Stitchers

Overview of Content

Introduction: In the introduction an overview of the charts is given with a thumbnail of each design presented.
Meet the Designer: A brief biographical sketch of Joan is given detailing her history of designing and the fact that with "countless cross-stitch designs to her credit and the many books she has published over the years, her distinctive style is easily recognized and appreciated by cross-stitch enthusiasts around the world."
How to Stitch: Instructions for using the charts, fabrics, tools, flosses, and specialty fibers and filaments.
Butterfly Fairy: The Butterfly Fairy flits on wings like a butterfly surrounded by little butterflies. Her skirt is fluttery ribbons and her bodice is beautiful shimmering bows. This project incorporates Kreinik braid to add a glimmering sparkle and uses a number of French knots to add texture. The fairy flies with her eyes closed as if she is listening to the music of the universe. This is a delicate design that is quintessentially Joan Elliott.
Once Upon a Time: A Woodland fairy mother with leaf-like wings spins a tale of castles and princesses that begins "Once Upon a Time." The young fairy is mesmerized and you can tell she is waiting for the next page of the story to unfold. Mother fairy and child are both decked out in floral finest and sit in a field of flowers as well. The castles are built in the air as the tale unfolds. Again French knots and hints of braid add texture and sparkle to this design.
The Fairy Queen: Rich colors make up the garb of the queen who sits upon her toadstool throne as she reigns over her realm. Kreinik braid is used lavishly to reflect her royal status.
The Fairy and the Dragon: Another richly colored design, this fairy rides her dragon steed across the sky. Her dress coordinates with her dragon - they look charming (and kind of scary) together. The dragon's scales are painted with braid and shaded with floss colors.
A Fairy's Garden: This fairy tends her plot of flowers and fungi, almost blending in as her garb is quite flower like in and of itself. Her wings are almost moth-like. Foxglove, delphinium, mushrooms, and primroses are found in her woodland nook. Partial stitches are used to create detail in the fairy's face.
Childhood Magic - Four Smaller Projects:
These projects include the following sayings:
Make a Wish
Each saying is accompanied by a cute fairy in a poncho with a flower garland, bordered by a flower vine with dragonflies flitting about the scene.

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