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Hold That Thought Bookmarks

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The Bottom Line

Bookmarks make great gifts and Sandy Orton's designs will keep you in stitches for years to come. From general designs to birth announcements, these designs are suitable for all ages and interests. No sew finishing instructions make the projects even easier!


  • A wide variety of designs
  • No-sew finishing instructions for each bookmark
  • Alphabets for personalization for certain charts


  • So many designs, how will I choose which to do first?
  • Book pages have a shiny finish, making charts difficult to read from certain angles.


  • A clear photo of each bookmark, completely finished is included on the pattern page.
  • Each chart has a complete listing of the items used to finish the bookmark.
  • A variety of sizes of bookmarks are presented. Some bookmarks have several parts to them.
  • A full page is dedicated to each pattern.
  • Assembly instructions will make completing the projects in Hold That Thought Bookmarks a breeze.
  • Stitching tips and general instructions for working with patterns are helpful additions to the book.

Guide Review - Sandy Orton's Hold That Thought Bookmarks - Kooler Design Studios

If you enjoy giving bookmarks as gifts, Sandy Orton's Hold That Thought Bookmarks from Kooler Design Studios is sure to whet your appetite. There are all sorts of themes, many sizes and shapes, and a wide variety of colorful kid-friendly designs.

The charts are divided into two categories - Words of Wisdom and I Can Read.

Overview of Contents

Words of Wisdom
A Friend - colorful floral motif and quote
A Good Thing - luscious-looking cupcakes
Ribbons and Lace - intricate monogrammed design
Bloom - Art Deco floral motif
A Lady and Her Book - Victorian lady
Red Hat Lady - red hat with purple flower
Beach Read - flip flops and fiction
Bibliophile - definition in detailed design
Where There is Love - Gandhi quote
Friendship - Chinese Symbols
Purse - handbag and wise saying
Butterfly - Jane Austen quote
Too Fond of Books - Louisa May Alcott quote
Camo - Initials
Happiness - Saying
Hummingbirds - two lovely birds and flowers
Journey - definition in a colorful motif
Life is Good - multi-part design
Live, Love, Laugh - floral motif
Maple Leaves - Shika quote

I Can Read
Treasure Within - fun treasure map
Don't Bug Me - cute bugs reading books
Monkey See, Monkey Do - sock monkey
Wise Owl - cool dude
Mr. Atomic - robot bookmark
Reading Zone - warning sign
Cool Penguin - cute two-part motif
Fish School - blue-fabric fishy motif
Gator Fun - alligator gobbling a book
Toucan Read - vibrant, colorful design
Hurray for Flowers - Smyrna Stitch centers
Book-Aneer - pirate-themed, multi-part design
To the Moon - cow jumping fun
Baby's Birthday - personalize this birth announcement
Admit One - ticket to adventure
Alien Scholar - ribbon-bodied dimensional creature
Bookworm - chenille antennae make this charming bookworm

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