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Cross Stitch Photos

Submit your photos for this Online Cross Stitch Photo Album.

Kid's Stitching Projects
Share photos of projects cross stitched or embroidered by children. See submissions

Day Complete Sampler Projects
Forum members had a go at the free Day Complete Band sampler before it was published on the About.com Cross Stitch site. View their photos to get ideas on how to create your own band sampler, then share your own photos when you finish the sampler. See submissions See submissions

Vintage Cross Stitch Embroidery Projects
Share photos of vintage or antique Cross Stitch projects and needlework projects. See submissions

Cross Stitch Album IV - Photos of Cross Stitch Projects
Submit Cross Stitch photos of your special projects. Share your favorite finishes, latest projects, and special designs. See submissions

Cross Stitch Projects Stitched From Free Patterns at About.co…
Share photos of your projects stitched using free patterns at About.com Cross Stitch designed by Connie G. Barwick. See submissions

Cross Stitch Photo Album I
The photos in this album are all stitched from free patterns available from About.com Cross Stitch. It is quite interesting to see how each stitcher used the pattern and to hear a bit about why they chose to stitch it.

Cross Stitch Photo Album II
Photos of Cross Stitch projects submitted by About.com Cross Stitch members show examples of all sorts ways to use Cross Stitch.

Online Cross Stitch Photo Album
Photos of Cross Stitch Designs Submitted by About Cross Stitch Users

Photos of Cross Stitch Designs Stitched by Connie G. Barwick
Examples of Cross Stitch projects stitched by Connie G. Barwick

Wedding Photo Cross Stitch Photo Comments
Let the stitcher know what you think about this project by adding your comment about this Cross Stitch photo.

Cross Stitch Photo Albums
Add your photo to these albums of Cross Stitch projects stitched and submitted by About.com Cross Stitch Members. To submit your photo(s), follow this process. Read the Photo Submission Guidelines Fill out the Photo Submissi

January 2011 Forum Challenge - Cross Stitch Mini Squares
Use the free Cross Stitch Mini Square patterns to create the project of your choice and share photos of the project as part of the January 2011 Cross Stitch Forum Challenge.See submissions

Guess the Free Cross Stitch Mystery Pattern - Duh One
Guess the object or topic of the free Cross Stitch Mystery Pattern Duh One.

Projects Created From Duh One Mystery Cross Stitch Pattern
Use the elements of your the free Cross Stitch Mystery pattern to create your own alternate design, stitch it up, and share the photo.See submissions

Superstar Stitches
Photos of projects using the Back Stitch Stars as a starting point - see what other stitchers created, then share your own project photo.See submissions

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