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Cross Stitch Photo Album I

Photos of Projects that Use Free Charts from About.com Cross Stitch


These photos of projects show how stitchers use the free patterns from About.com Cross Stitch in creative ways.

See more photos of projects in Cross Stitch Photo Album II and Cross Stitch Photo Album III.

If you have a project you want to show off share a photo. We love to see your projects!

Liz Masoner, About.com Guide to Photography, has a macro photo lesson (that's the technical name for taking close-up, detailed photos) and also some great tips for taking photos of artwork and flat items such as needlework if you need some help with taking photos of your projects.

Some photos have a comment section. If you'd like to comment on other photos, please visit the Cross Stitch Forum.
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Photo © 2009 IreneIrene's Blossom Cross Stitch ProjectDesign © Connie G. BarwickShirley's Happy Birthday Card PhotoDesign © Connie G. BarwickShirley's Happy Birthday Marion Card Cross Stitch ProjectPhoto © 2009 Tanya SchroederFree Backstitch Motif Pattern Eighteen Model
Photo © 2009 Tanya SchroederBackstitch Motif Twenty-Two Pattern ModelPhoto © 2009 Tanya SchroederBunnies Squared Cross Stitch Pattern ModelPhoto © 2009 IreneRuffled Diamond Cross Stitch PatternPhoto © 2009 Tanya SchroederFree Fleur-di-lis Motif Pattern Model
Photo © 2009 Tanya SchroederPhoto of the Free Four-Petal Flower Cross Stitch PatternPhoto © 2009 Tanya SchroederDaffodil and Tulip Diamond Pattern ModelPhoto © 2008 Connie ColvinStitched Models of Two Free Byzantine Tile PatternsPhoto © 2008 Donna KarlStitched Model of the Free Heart Diamond Cross Stitch Pattern - View One
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