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We love to see what you are stitching. You have several options for posting your photos and sharing your stories about them. You can also enjoy all the other photos other stitchers have sent in.

If you need help with submitting photos please send an email to crossstitch@aboutguide.com.

Many of the Cross Stitch Tip submission forms also allow you to supply an image. If you have a great tip you learned while completing a project, why not share tips and tricks with other stitchers?

Share Photos of Projects Using Connie's Free Patterns

Design by Connie G. Barwick
Design by Connie G. Barwick
If you use a free pattern from the collection of charts here at About.com Cross Stitch, please share a photo of the project. We'd love to see what you created so we can ooh and ahh over it!

To see previously submitted photos created from the free patterns visit Photo Album I.

Share Project Photos

Cross Stitch Photo Album IV

Submission by pattycake60
Submission by pattycake60
Submit Cross Stitch photos of your special projects. Share your favorite finishes, latest projects, and special designs. Help us build the latest album of photos! Index of Submissions

Photos of Forum Finishes

Photo © Cathartes
Photo © Cathartes
Each Tuesday and several Saturdays during the year, stitchers join in the Cross Stitch Forum to spend time stitching, then show off their before and after photos of projects. When the projects are completed, stitchers share photos in this collection so we can see their finished product. Join us and work on UFOs or regular WIPs - we get a lot accomplished as we cheer one another along.

Share Your Project Photos

Holiday Project Gallery

Photo © Phyll
Share photos of your favorite holiday projects and share tips learned while stitching them. Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Valentine's Day, no matter what holiday it is, this is the place to show off your work.
See the Projects

Photos of Vintage Cross Stitch and Embroidery Projects

Submission by Joe Desy
Submission by Joe Desy
Share photos of vintage or antique Cross Stitch projects and needlework projects. Whether you inherited it, stitched it, or found it at an antique sale, yard sale or elsewhere, share a photo of your vintage embroidery project.Share Your Photos

Kid's Stitching Projects

Photo © Connie G. Barwick
Share photos of projects cross stitched or embroidered by children. Whether it is your own project from childhood or a photo of your kid's projects, we'd love to see what you have to share.
See Photos of Projects

Cross Stitch Projects - Share Photos and Instructions

Photo © catlyn1953
Photo © catlyn1953
Show off your finished Cross Stitch projects and tell us the materials you used and the steps you took to complete it. Share tips on completing and finishing projects.

Cross Stitch Photo Album I (View Only)

Bunnies Squared Cross Stitch Pattern Model - Design by Connie G. Barwick Photo © Tanya Schroeder
The photos in this album are all stitched from free patterns available from About.com Cross Stitch. It is quite interesting to see how each stitcher used the pattern and to hear a bit about why they chose to stitch it.

Cross Stitch Photo Album II (View Only)

Naturally Cats I, Stitched by MizV Photo © MizV
The photos of projects in this album show some of the great photos submitted by About.com Cross Stitch members. Quite a few of these designs won prizes at local fairs.

Cross Stitch Photo Album III (View Only)

From This Day Forward - Paula Vaughn Design Photo © Just another stitcher
Our photo album was getting full, so a new one has been started that has plenty of room for your photos too.

More Photos of Projects

Design © Connie G. Barwick

Get Help With Taking Photos

Liz Masoner, About.com Guide to Photography, has a macro photo lesson (that's the technical name for taking close-up, detailed photos) and also some great tips for taking photos of artwork and flat items such as needlework if you need some help with taking photos of your projects.

Got Cross Stitch Questions?

Get your questions answered in the Cross Stitch Forum. It's open 24/7 and has a stitchers of all levels who are glad to help others. Join a helpful community from around the world.
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