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How To Stitch a Star Stitch - Cross Stitch Variation


Star Stitch Diagram

Star Stitch Diagram

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The star stitch, also known as a couched cross stitch, is an easy variation of the cross stitch.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: varies

Here's How:

  1. Thread a needle with a short length of floss. Stitch a half stitch.

  2. Stitch a second half stitch, completing a cross stitch.

  3. Stitch a horizontal straight stitch across the cross stitch, creating a star stitch, also known as a couched cross stitch. Be sure to bring your needle up exactly halfway between the legs of the cross stitch, in the same place on each side.

  4. Practice the stitch until you are comfortable stitching it. This stitch is great for creating stars in small designs, as a border embellishment, or as a way to enhance any simple cross stitch design.


  1. This stitch will have a better appearance on Aida fabric if it is stitched over two or more squares of fabric.
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