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Artecy Cross Stitch - Tereena Clarke - Cross Stitch Designer


Image of Polar Bear Cubs

Polar Bear Cubs Design

Design Created From Image © Liquidlibrary

Company Name:

The name Artecy Cross Stitch was created from the initials of designer Tereena Clarke's eldest son since she started the business when he was born and his initials are RTC.

How Tereena Clarke Got Started:

Tereena explains, "I started this company in September 2000 for two reasons, firstly to be able to work from home whilst taking care of our two sons, as it is important for me to be here for them, and secondly to provide cross stitch patterns which are different, realistic, modern and unique. I also try to provide this for the cheapest price I can offer, I want to create good quality patterns which everyone has the budget to enjoy."

Types of Designs:

Tereena has 64 different categories for patterns ranging from animals, fantasy, holidays, Victorian, landscapes, to famous artworks and much more.

Dominant Themes:

The patterns are mostly created from photographs or famous artworks, which she has permission to use. They have a realistic, modern look and will look great as art pieces on your wall. Not many stitchers would be able to afford a real Monet or Van Gogh painting but they can stitch one. Tereena explains, "I have also developed a unique method which allows me to create small, yet detailed patterns, in order to assist people who have limited time or money to complete our larger designs." These are also great for beginner cross stitchers and make wonderful cards or small framed designs.

Inspiration for Patterns:

Tereena explains her process as follows: "I find inspiration by browsing through art gallery websites and stock photo websites. I have a vast collection of images I have gathered from various sources over the years just waiting to be turned into a pattern but I am always looking and searching for more images. My members also offer suggestions they would like added to the website."

A Special Design:

Tereena describes a favorite design. "My very first commercial design was created from a photograph of a Greek Island scene. This pattern is special to me as it was the first design I had created for others to stitch. However after 8 years of designing experience and finding the right software I think my patterns have come along way since then."

Design Presentation:

Tereena offers Counted Cross Stitch charts which you can download immediately online. Then all you have to do is print them out and start stitching straight away.

Stitching Level Required:

The designs are suitable for all stitching levels since they only use whole cross stitch. Beginners might like to start on the mini stitches and bookmarks to gain their confidence to tackle one of the larger designs.

Website Features:

Tereena offers a membership to her website. Members pay a one-time permanent membership fee that is quite affordable. After that, they can print thousands of patterns in the members area. New patterns are added every two weeks. If membership isn't appealing, the patterns may also be purchased individually. Visit the Artecy website for more details.

The Artecy website also features free patterns and a forum where you can share your cross stitch passion with others.

Services Offered:

Artecy Cross Stitch Designs offers custom cross stitch patterns designed from your photographs. These patterns make fantastic personalized gifts. Ideas including having photos of your wedding, your home, car, children, friends, pets, and family members converted into a pattern which will be treasured for years to come.

Challenge of Photo to Pattern Conversion:

Tereena explains how she converts photos. "While anyone can purchase cross stitch software and make their own pattern, if you have ever tried you will know it is not as simple as that. So much work goes into each image before I even put it into my software, and then I take a lot of time correcting colours and minimizing scattered stitches. No matter how good the software is, and I use one of the best on the market, it still needs the human touch of an experienced designer to get the pattern right."

About the Images:

Designs shown include Polar Bear Cubs, Colorado, and Snow Couple. All three patterns were created with permission from images copyright of Liquidlibrary.

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