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Image of Winter Winds Winter Winds is copyright Ash Evans 2008

Name of Company:

The Fantasy Art of Ash Evans is charted by Heaven and Earth Designs. Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) was established in 2002 and carries a wide variety of fantasy art patterns. Ash creates the artwork and, as she says, "the good people at Heaven and Earth Designs meticulously hand chart my work."

How Ash Evans Got Started:

Ash describes her beginning, "I have been a full time fantasy artist going on four years now. It all happened quite accidentally, I painted a dragon for a friend of mine as a gift and really liked it. I painted another and sold it on EBAY and things just picked up from there. Today my husband and I own and operate the our company and on top of our web presence we do several shows and festivals a year as well as manufacture our own merchandise and have expanded my artwork into several licensed products."

How Ash Got Involved in Cross Stitch Designs:

She explains, "I started looking into cross stitch designs a few years ago when I had some fans come up to me at a show I was doing and mention they would really like to stitch my work. It wasn’t long after that I found myself as a part of the Heaven and Earth Designs Family.

I do cross stitch, though my current schedule makes it very hard for me to do much anymore. My mother and grandmother are cross stitchers, I watched them when I was little and they got me started doing little pictures around 10 or so. I didn’t get into anything too complicated until much later. I really enjoy stitching I find it relaxing."

Dominant Themes:

All of Ash's designs have a fantasy theme. She specializes in mythical creatures - a lot of dragons, unicorns, fairies and other things with wings. She tends to lean toward the lighter more whimsical side of things in her work.

Sources of Inspiration:

When asked about her sources of inspiration, she says, "I find inspiration everywhere. I love animals, my pets inspire me a lot. Art, nature and fantasy really inspire me."

Characteristics of Patterns:

Ash describes the HAED designs, "These patterns are superb and they are all charted by hand. With these you aren’t just doing some pattern you are stitching a work of art!" HAED is dedicated to creating "beautiful and intricate cross stitch designs." The artwork created is NOT computer generated. Each graph is painstakingly charted using software for an underlay, producing a relatively clean chart with minimum "confetti" stitching. All charts are done in DMC floss, but can be converted for you to other floss brands. No specialty stitches are used.

Memorable Moments:

Ash's favorite moments: "I think my favorite design to date is my newest one Winter Winds of a unicorn I completed a few weeks ago but my favorite memory was having a fan coming up to me at a show and showing me a completed Sly piece. I was so flattered and that is when it became more real to me. It was like 'Hey I am really out there, people are sitting at home stitching my work.' I thought that was really great."

Stitching Level Required:

The patterns are of intermediate and advanced skill level. Heaven and Earth does have a background removal service which may simplify the pattern.

More Info on Ash Evans:

Ash provides a few more details:
"I am 28 years old living in Baltimore, MD with my husband Johnnie our chihuahua, three cats, three rabbits and a chinchilla. This year I am releasing my first ever art book containing a collection of works from the beginning of my career till present time. I work in a wide variety of mediums including: oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, ink and digital painting."

Ash's future needleworking plans:
"Right now I have cross stitch charts but I would love to move into embroidery or something fun like that. I like to make things that I think people will really have fun doing."

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