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Shadows, Design by Vicki Hastings, Stitched by Connie G. Barwick

Shadows, Design by Vicki Hastings, Stitched by Connie G. Barwick

Design by Cross-Eyed Cricket

Company Name:

The Cross-Eyed Cricket, The Cricket Collection

Designs by:

Vickie Hastings and other designers. The history of the Cricket Collection spans over more than 20 years. Stitchers have enjoyed their designs and continue to do so.

Types of Designs:

The Cricket Collection catalog offers over 300 leaflets and counting. Design Themes are widely varied and include
  • Seasonal Ornament Collections,
  • Floral Designs,
  • and Holiday Pictures.
All sizes of projects are represented in the collection.

Stitching Level Required:

Leaflets vary from beginner to advanced stitching.

Homepage Features:

The Cross-Eyed Cricket homepage offers links to distributors and a shop locator. Contact information and a free pattern are available as well.

Share Photos of Projects:

Have you stitched a project from the Cross-Eyed Cricket? Share a photo of your project with us. We love to see what you have been stitching.
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