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Photo courtesy Judith Sandy, Rooflines

Burrus Hall - Virginia Tech

Photo © Judith Sandy, Rooflines

Name of Company and Designer:

Judith Sandy's designs are architectural masterpieces. She has a passion for designs that feature buildings. The name of her company, Judith Sandy's Rooflines, reflects this interest. She explains, "[It] is named Rooflines because architecture interests me, and once I had the roofline established on the graphs everything else fell in line!"

Judith has the distinction of being the eldest designer featured at About.com Cross Stitch, continuing to work and design in her ninth decade.

Interested in Stitching From an Early Age:

Judith got started in designing for a number of reasons. Her mother taught her to sew and embroider at a very early age (5 years old). She also loved to draw. Judith's mother had suffered some personal illness when Judith was very young which meant that Judith had to care for the rest of her family and her mother. Later in life, Judith opened a needlework shop in Christiansburg, Virginia called Stitch and Chat. During this time she visited Ginnie Thompson's Pawleys Island shop. Ginnie was featuring cross stitch and Judith got caught up in it.

Making Her Own Designs:

Cross Stitch patterns fascinated Judith and she noticed that at the time there were not a lot of patterns available. She loves architecture and history, so she tried making a few patterns of her own which resulted in designing mainly historical buildings.

Distinctive Elements of Patterns:

Judith's patterns are easy to follow. Each piece is researched for the history behind it. Judith is inspired by the unique architecture or history behind the structures she creates patterns for. Whether it is a fallen down barn to a New York City Wall Street Scene, her patterns are inspired by what strikes her interest at the time. Judith's designs have depth, perspective, and shading. Each piece is a part of history.

Favorite Designs:

One of her favorite designs is the Smithfield Plantation 1772. She learned how to do perspective as she designed it. She could handle any view of the building. Since she takes most of the reference photos herself, she is able get the composition she desires for the charts. She also creates designs from pictures sent to her by other cross stitchers. Once a cross stitcher who lived in Tupelo, Mississippi invited her out to Mississippi to get some pictures for designing. She took Judith all over the northern part of the state. Judith values the friendships made through her designs.

Chart Types and Difficulty Level:

There are a variety of buildings and castle charts. She has also designed patterns of collector cars that have been charted as well. All items are presented as single charts except for a number of the Williamsburg charts which are available as a group. There are charts for all levels. Judith's charts are hand drawn and easy to follow. Some are just larger to do. Some of the smaller Colonial Williamsburg charts would be best for beginners. Advanced (and patient) cross stitchers would like the castles and Mark Twain's Nook Farm.

Services Offered:

You will find that ease of ordering, possible personal request for homes or sights of interest based on approval, and pay pal security for ordering are some of the features of Judith's website.

More About Judith:

Judith Sandy is well traveled. She researches each piece she completes and proofs it herself. She is a great historian with a wealth of knowledge. According to her daughter-in-law Pat, she received her high school diploma very late in her life. She says, "I believe [it was] in her eighties; however, it has never stopped her from learning all she can."

More About the Designs Depicted:

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