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Image of Examples of Ursula Michael's Designs

Examples of Ursula Michael's Designs

Photo Courtesy of Ursula Michael

Cross Stitch Designer:

Ursula Michael has been sharing her Cross Stitch creations with stitchers for over twenty-five years.

Designs for Many Crafts:

Ursula started designing in the 1970's. Her first designs were traditional quilts for publications. She soon moved on to crochet, and soon discovered cross stitch and other needlework. She continues to apply her talent to many crafts and graphic art.

Themes of Cross Stitch Designs:

Ursula is best known for her "quilt rows" series of designs depicting sets of colorful quilts strung on a line. Other stitchers enjoy her cheerful snowmen, happy gingerbread men and holiday designs.

Types of Ursula Michael Designs:

Ursula Michael designs are available as cross stitch kits. Her work also appears in magazine, leaflet, and books. She creates designs for manufacturers of stitchery products and has a line of her own patterns. A prolific artist, Ursula designs over 200 patterns per year, and her work is available through several publishers, in your favorite needlework shop or craft chain store.

Other Interests:

Living on a small coastal island in little Rhode Island, Ursula shares her home with her husband Al and Maverick her big black dog. Together they spend as much time as they can by the ocean collecting treasures, boating and sprawled in their beach chairs just daydreaming.

Ursula Michael Homepage:

Find out when new designs are published and see a complete list of current designs at [llink url=http://crossstitch.about.com/od/designerprofiles/p/ursulamichaels.htm]Ursula's website.

Contact Ursula at ursula@ursulamichael.com.


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