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Image of State of Florida Design

State of Florida Design

Photo ©: S. P. Ink Designs

Company Name:

S. P. INK Designs, a Cross Stitch design company helmed by designer Roberta Belanger, has been around for about 15 years.

Cross Stitch Designer:

Designer Roberta Belanger describes her love of needlecrafts:"I’ve always done all kinds of needlework, crochet, knitting, crewel and when I came upon cross stitch, I was hooked!"

Roberta Explains How S. P. Ink Designs Was Born:

"My sister was managing a small yarn shop in our town and she told me people were looking for local designs and nautical designs since we live in a historic fishing village on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. At first all the designs were done by hand and now, of course, there are many computer programs that make everything much more readable for the stitcher—and faster for the designer. We started with state map designs and it took 10 years to complete all 50. We specialize also in to-scale lighthouse designs besides a wide variety of other topics."

The Significance of the Name:

According to Roberta, "The name S. P. INK Designs is taken from my maiden name Spink."

Themes of Designs:

In addition to the fifty state and lighthouse designs, other nautical themes, weather-vanes, patriotic, children, and wedding designs are featured. Many designs also reflect Roberta's musical background. She explains, "I am also a musician and teach classical singing both at my home studio and a local university. Many of my designs include music such as 'Jesus Loves Me,' 'Silent Night,' and 'Practice, Practice, Practice.'"

The Designs are Vibrant and Detailed:

The best sellers at S. P. INK are the fifty state maps that feature topographic features and cities in vibrant colors. The lighthouse designs are colorful and realistic. The designs convey detail without being too complicated to stitch.

Design Packaging:

S. P. INK designs are all counted cross stitch. You may choose fro chart packs or kits with DMC floss and Aida fabric. A large color picture of the finished design comes with every chart pack as well as a color easy-to-read chart and instructions. Enlargements are included where necessary for understanding the charts.

Stitching Level Required:

Most designs can be done by a beginner though intermediate level. Many of out state map designs only need 4-5 colors, making them especially suitable for beginning stitchers. Only 14, 16 or 18 count Aida fabric is used in kits, but instructions are given as to how to convert the design to work on any type fabric including linen.

More About the Photos of the Designs:

The State of Florida design is one of fifty state designs. Each map is to scale and features topographical features such as rivers, mountains and deserts along with names of famous cities. Many stitchers choose to add their own home town to the charts.

Jesus Loves Me, a colorful interpretation of the familiar children's song, would be a great addition to a church nursery or a child's room. (It is also my personal favorite among the S. P. INK Designs.

The Portland Head Lighthouse was built in 1791 during George Washington’s third year as president. For each lighthouse design, a brief history is given, making the design both fun to stitch and educational.
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