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How To Make a Gift Tag with a Purchased Paper Frame


Cross Stitch Gift Tag

Cross Stitch Gift Tag

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Make a Cross Stitch gift tag using a paper scrapbooking frame for a simple gift enhancement.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies with Stitching Skill

Here's How:

  1. Stitch a small Cross Stitch or beaded design. The design in this image is from the free Mini Heart A Cross Stitch Pattern. Be sure that the design is small enough to fit in the opening of the purchased paper frame.

  2. Trim the excess fabric away from the design, leaving enough fabric to glue into the frame.

  3. Cut a small piece of acid-free card stock to be slightly smaller than the paper frame.

  4. Mount the design to the piece of card stock using acid-free glue. The card stock will support for the Cross Stitch design and will provide a place for written information on the back of the gift tag.

  5. Use acid-free glue or glue dots to mount the design in the frame. Be sure the design is centered. If using glue dots, press firmly to be certain that the bond will hold.

  6. Punch a hole in one corner of the frame. Use a craft knife if needed to cut the hole out completely.

  7. Loop a piece of ribbon through the hole and add the information about the gift and the recipient on the back (use a metallic pen if the card stock is dark colored).

  8. Add the tag to the gift and wait for the compliments about the gift and the unique tag.

  9. To make a simple Cross Stitch pin, follow steps one through five. Instead of punching a hole in the paper frame, add a pin back and wear your work with pride.

  10. You may also decide to use the framed Cross Stitch design as an embellishment for a scrapbook page. To do so, follow steps one through five and then add the small design to the page instead of punching a hole in the frame.


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