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Floss Color Card - Optional Stitching Tool


DMC Printed Floss Color Card Example

Printed DMC Floss Color Card

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Stitching Tool:

Floss Color Card

Description of Floss Color Card:

A floss color card is a very helpful tool for a Cross Stitch Enthusiast. The card contains swatches of floss that represent the colors of floss in a floss collection. The swatches may be actual strands of floss (preferred) or may be printed blocks of color.

Colors are usually grouped in "families." This means that the colors of a particular group are given in order from light to dark tones.

Using a Floss Color Card:

A floss color card comes in handy when you need to change a color of floss in a design. You may be out of a particular color or you may not like a color in a chart. Using the floss color card assists with selecting a replacement color.

How to Select a Replacement Color:

Find the color to be replaced on the floss color card. If you want to choose a similar color, select the floss color above or below the initial floss color.

If you want to replace the intial color with a contrasting or a completely different color, use the floss color card to find one that is near the same shade or tone.

If you enjoy designing your own patterns, a floss color card is a must. Even if you use a computer program to generate your chart, the color tiles in the program will not be an accurate representation of the actual floss colors used.
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