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Embroidery Stitches Used to Embellish Cross Stitch Designs

Stitches from various embroidery styles are often used to embellish Cross Stitch designs.
  1. Counted Thread Stitches (9)
  2. French Knot (4)
  3. Lazy Daisy Stitch (2)
  4. Straight Stitch (2)

Stitch an Outlined Diamond Eyelet Stitch
Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to stitch a diamond eyelet stitch and an outlined diamond eyelet stitch.

Fake a French Knot
If you avoid projects because of an aversion to French Knots, here are options for replacing the French Knot.

Stitch a Kloster Block
The kloster block is one of the basic stitches used in Hardanger Embroidery.

Stitch a Rhodes Stitch - Step by Step Diagram
The Rhodes Stitch, borrowed by Cross Stitch from Counted Thread Embroidery, is a great addition to a sampler, border, or a bookmark.

Stitch a Vertical Half Rhodes Stitch
The vertical Half Rhodes Stitch resembles a sheaf of wheat and may be stitched individually or as part of a two-colored Rhodes Stitch.

Stitch a Woven Circle Stitch
The woven circle stitch is used in Chicken Scratch Embroidery, but is may also be adapted for Cross Stitch patterns as well.

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