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Transfer Designs for Embroidery - Hand Embroidery Book Review

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Transfer Designs for Embroidery

Transfer Designs for Embroidery

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The Bottom Line

Hand Embroidery Enthusiasts will find a wide variety of designs in Transfer Designs for Embroidery from simple to quite intricate in a variety of themes. Color photos of completed designs with suggested stitches and floss colors will be of help to beginning stitchers and anyone who is not as comfortable choosing floss colors on their own.

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  • Patterns for Beginner to Advanced Stitchers are Included
  • A Wide Variety of Themes are Represented in the Designs
  • Transfers are Reusable
  • Embroidery Stitches are Illustrated and Explained Well
  • Suggested Stitches and Floss Colors for Each Design are Provided


  • Most Designs are Quite Small and Detailed - More Beginner Designs Would Have Been Good
  • Partial Transfers are Given for Most Designs
  • Precision is Required to Create Full Designs Because Transfers are Partial


  • Instructions for applying the transfers are clear and easy to understand.
  • Suggested stitches and floss color choices are given for the designs.
  • A wide variety of themes is represented in the patterns.

Guide Review - Transfer Designs for Embroidery - Hand Embroidery Book Review

Clear instructions are given about the proper way to apply the transfers. Embroidery tips and stitch diagrams are provided for beginning stitchers. Preparation of materials and care for the finished project is also discussed in the introduction of the book.

A sampling of designs include:
  • Dragons - One dragon statue is accompanied by a floral border; the other dragon in flight design is bordered by whorls and spirals
  • India - Paisley and triangle motifs
  • Geometry - Designs reminiscent of Aztec or Southwestern motifs
  • Bouquets for all seasons - seasonal floral patterns
  • Delft - Windmill, sailboat, and fruit designs
  • Floral Heart - Heart designs would make a great choice for a dresser scarf or table runner
  • Climbing Plants - Vines of all types
  • Horn of Plenty - Delicate Cornucopia designs
  • Oriental Dancers - Plants, musical instruments and dancers in a vibrant display
  • White Flowers and Leaves - Amazingly detailed design (my favorite of the bunch)
  • Ancient China: By the Lake - Reminiscent of Chinese porcelain, done in blue it would compliment Blue Willow-themed kitchens
  • Sparkling Knots - Stitch in gold as suggested for a sparkly effect
  • Honeysuckle - these flowers won't aggravate your allergies
  • Africa - Masks, crocodiles, canoes, and other tribal-inspired patterns grace this large, rectangular design
These are just a few of the designs included in the book. Christmas, floral, and fairy motifs are among the other designs. Whether you are a beginning embroiderer or a long-time participant, Transfer Designs for Embroidery will be a great addition to your pattern collection.
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