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How Many Strands of Floss Should I Use?

Learn the simple and effective way to determine how many strands of floss are needed for various fabric counts.

What is a SAL?

Needleworkers often participate in SALs. Find out what a SAL is and how to participate.

Why Can't I Find Free Licensed Character Patterns?

Many stitchers search for free licensed character Cross Stitch patterns. There's a reason they are not easily found.

What Is a Biscornu ?

Explanation of the Cross Stitch term Biscornu.

Where Should I Start Stitching?

How to start a project and keep your place while stitching.

What does HPI mean?

A stitcher wonders what HPI means when referring to Aida fabric.

What do these numbers - 140w by 63h - mean on a Cross Stitch chart?

Cross Stitch design dimensions are provided on most Cross Stitch charts.

Why does one strand of floss end up longer?

Why is one strand of floss end up longer than the other? Read this FAQ and find out.

Should Floss Be Rinsed Before Stitching?

Before stitching with embroidery floss, you may want to determine if it is colorfast.

How do I convert Linen to Aida ?

Learn how linen fabric counts compare with Aida fabric counts.

How to Deal With Fabric Shortages

The best way to deal with a fabric shortage is to avoid it.

How to Substitute or Match Floss Colors

Learning to substitute floss colors in projects can be a time-saving help. Substitute colors can also make a so-so kit really fit your style.

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