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How do I convert Linen to Aida ?


Question: How do I convert Linen to Aida ?
My pattern calls for 28-count linen but I'd rather use Aida. What count would I use?
Answer: Since cross stitch on linen is done over two threads instead of over one square as with Aida, to convert fabrics from Linen to Aida, divide by two. Thus, substitute 14-count Aida for 28-count linen.

If the division is not as neat substitute the closest Aida count you can get. Remember, if you are stitching from a kit, be careful what fabric you substitute so that you will not run out of floss.

Another tip - some patterns may include specialty stitches that are a bit more difficult to stitch on Aida, so watch out for that when trading linen for Aida.

For help with determining fabric sizes for projects, see the Cross Stitch Calculator.

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