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How to Substitute or Match Floss Colors


Question: How to Substitute or Match Floss Colors
Have you ever pulled out an older pattern and realized that the floss colors listed didn't match any of the current brands available? Or you discover that you are missing floss from a kit that is out of production. And then there's always the possibility that you love a pattern or kit, but there's one color in it that just doesn't work for you. How can you substitute the floss colors?
Answer: Learning to substitute floss colors in projects can be a time-saving help. Substitute colors can also make a so-so kit really fit your style. And matching colors to color descriptions allows you to use your favorite brand of floss for any pattern.

There are several ways you can match floss or substitute floss.
  • Conversion charts
  • Floss color cards
  • "Floss toss"
  • Your own judgement
If you have a kit or pattern that calls for a specific brand of floss and you want to change the brand, a floss conversion chart will be your best bet.

If you are going on color descriptions alone, you will want to invest in a floss color card for your favorite brand of floss. (You can also just take your list of color description to a local shop that carries the floss line and pick colors that way.)

If you are replacing one color in a kit or just a few colors in a pattern, you may be able to narrow down several colors by doing a floss toss - that is, placing the floss in a pile with all the other colors from the design on the fabric you will use and seeing how well they mesh together. (The color you thought would be just perfect may stick out like a sore thumb.)

Some stitchers prefer to use their own judgement instead of using conversion charts when changing flosses from one brand to another. If you have a good sense of tones and hues, then you may want to select your own colors for designs.

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