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Free Embroidery Patterns

Suitable for Hand Embroidery, Crewel Embroidery, and Redwork


Embroidered House

Molly Chicken shows us how to make a 3-D house with embroidered details that can double as a gift box.

Embroidery Design to Download

Windflower Embroidery focuses on hand embroidery and stumpwork and offers various free designs for you to try out. Stitching Guide

Embroidery Potpourri

A different design is featured each week by The Moses House.

Fall Leaves Patterns

From About.com Guide to New England Travel, Kim Knox Beckius, these realistic line drawings of leaves would make great patterns.

Free Patterns from NeedleCrafter.com

A large collection of free patterns suitable for hand embroidery, redwork, or crewel embroidery. Be sure to respect the copyright and licensing agreements.

Free Stencil Patterns - Many Suitable for Embroidery Patterns

Many of the free stencil patterns designed by About.com Guide to Painting Marion Boddy-Evans are suitable for adaptation as embroidery patterns. A wide variety of themes is represented. Please note that these stencils are provided for personal use only.

Hand Embroidery Patterns

Free patterns posted by Mary Corbet of Needle 'n' Thread from an old embroidery catalog published long ago.

Heart Vine Embroidery Pattern

Great addition to a purchased pillowcase, make several sets for gifts.

Horse Racing Designs

Cindy Pierson Dulay, About.com Guide to Horse Racing, provides an array of horse and jockey-themed images.

Line Drawings of Famous Paintings

These pages are intended for use as coloring pages, but would also make great embroidery patterns. Make your own American Gothic or Mona Lisa - be creative with color and you will have a work of art that is very unique! Please note: These drawings by Margaret Esaak are intended for your personal use only.
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