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Free Embroidery Patterns

Suitable for Hand Embroidery, Crewel Embroidery, and Redwork


Free Hand Embroidery and Redwork Patterns including some from nontraditional sources.

About.com Embroidery

Visit the newest addition to needlework sites at About.com - patterns, projects, tutorials and more.

Mary Corbet's Needle'nThread Pattern Collection

Mary Corbet offers a large number of free patterns for hand embroidery and has links to a great number of other sources online. Be sure to check out Mary's blog for a wide range of information on embroidery of all kind.

Back to School for my ABC's and 123's

A stitchery pattern from a Bird in Hand that involves embroidery and patchwork.

Cute Bunny Embroidery Patterns

Helen Dardik of Orange You Lucky! shares a cute little bunny pattern that uses all sorts of stitches (including cross stitch).

Goldwork Sampler from Tanya Berlin

Detailed instructions accompany a small Goldwork sampler that includes four small motifs - Passing Design, Heart Design, Fleur De Lys and a Plate Design.

Various Designs from Rissa Peace

Rissa shares several projects including a Brazilian Embroidery heart design, peace dove, small floral heart, angel heart, and a stargazer lily.

Barbara Parrish's Redwork Info Patterns

Barbara Parrish of Redwork Info has a collection of cute patterns for you to try out.

Bullion Christmas Patterns

Each of the designs in this free holiday pattern collection is created using bullion knots.

Coloring Pages at Eudipics.com

Many of the pages may also be used for embroidery designs.

Ecclesiastical Embroidery Patterns

Use the designs on altar cloths or other linens used for churches.
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