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Transform a CD with Cross Stitch

Transform a CD with Cross Stitch

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Cross Stitch Projects

Keep a Stitching Journal
Keep a record of all your adventures in Cross Stitching.

Make a Cross Stitch Coaster
Enjoy your favorite beverage while protecting your furniture in style.

Create a Cross Stitch Cuff Bracelet
Stitch up some Cross Stitch bling.

Easy Aida Bookmark
Create a simple bookmark with a small piece of Aida and a stitched design.

Quick Cross Stitch Candy Dish
Use a simple paper clip dish or other small container to create a quick candy dish for your desk or a gift.

Square Cross Stitch Pincushion Project
Make a simple pincushion for yourself or a stitching friend.

Card - Fabric Band Method
Use a bookmark or piece of Cross Stitch Ribband to make a simple card.

Card - Paper Embellishments Method
Add acid-free paper embellishments to a design stitched on fabric, perforated paper, or plastic canvas for a unique card.

Card - Small Cross Stitch Design Method
Make a simple and easy card by affixing a small stitched design to a blank card.

Make a Cross Stitch Card - Photo Frame Card Method
Use a photo-frame card to quickly create a creative Cross Stitch Card.

Embellish a Photo Frame Card
Ideas for dressing up a simple photo frame Cross Stitch Card.

Perk Up a Paper Mache Box
This project makes a great gift box or storage box for supplies.

Create a Cross Stitch Treasure Box
Start with a simple wooden or paper box. Add a stitched project and some trim.

Cross Stitch Gift Tag
Use a stitched or beaded design to make an elegant gift tag by borrowing a paper frame from the scrapbook supply aisle.

Cross Stitch Pin
Stitch a pattern on plastic canvas for a quick pin.

Tranform a Tote with Cross Stitch
Make a unique fashion statement with a purchased tote bag.

Transform a CD with Cross Stitch
Don't toss out damaged or unwanted CDs. Rescue them instead with this project.

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