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Awareness Ribbon Cross Stitch Pattern


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Breast Cancer or Other Cause Ribbon Cross Stitch Pattern
Design © 2011 Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Counted Cross Stitch Cause Ribbon Pattern

Design © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Pattern Key:
Symbol    Floss Color Number
Cross Stitch
   DMC 601
Design Size: 59w by 104h
Stitching Level: Beginner
Finished Design Size:
For commonly used fabric counts (in inches):
NOTE: Add several inches to each side for the cut fabric size.
  • 11-count, 5 1/4w by 9 3/8h
  • 14-count, 4 1/8w by 7 3/8h
  • 16-count, 3 5/8w by 6 1/2h
  • 18-count, 3 1/4w by 5 3/4h
(For other fabric counts, use the Finished Design Size Calculator.)
Stitching Tips: Use two-three strands of floss for cross stitch and one strand for back stitch. For other fabric counts, adjust the number of floss strands as needed.

Helpful Cross Stitch Information: Please note: Photographs, patterns and illustrations contained in this project are created by Connie G. Barwick and are copyrighted © by Connie G. Barwick, and licensed to About.com, Inc. Please do not redistribute these photographs or illustrations in any form. This pattern is free for your own personal use only. It may be used for stitched items for resale in limited quantity at craft fairs or in shops like Etsy with proper credit to the creator of the pattern, but the pattern may not be kitted and resold. Proper credit will be as follows: This pattern was created by Connie G. Barwick, About.com Cross Stitch, and may be found at http://crossstitch.about.com/od/freecrossstitchpattern1/ss/Awareness-Ribbon-Cross-Stitch-Pattern.htm. If others would like to have the pattern, please give them the URL of this page, http://crossstitch.about.com/od/freecrossstitchpattern1/ss/Awareness-Ribbon-Cross-Stitch-Pattern.htm, so that they may come to these pages and print the pattern for themselves. For additional information, see Copyright Myths Explained, or find more information at the U.S. Government Copyright Office.

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