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Free Rose-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

Designs from About.com and Around the Internet


Free Rose-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns to stitch and enjoy from About.com Cross Stitch and around the internet. The first five designs are free from About.com while the others are from other websites around the web. Please be sure to respect the terms of use for the free designs.

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1. A Rose for Mom

Combine small motifs from the free Cross Stitch Pattern Collection, Mother's Day Rose, to create a unique bookmark or card for Mom.

More free Mother's Day Cross Stitch Patterns

2. Free Stencil Rose Cross Stitch Patterns

The Stencil Rose collection includes two Stencil Rose designs and a Mirrored Rose motif with the individual Stencil Rose motifs combined for a larger design. You may stitch the roses in the suggested color or chose a different color to reflect your favorite rose shade.

More on Roses:

3. Free Robert Burns Saying Counted Cross Stitch Chart

Stitch the free Red, Red Rose Saying Cross Stitch Pattern for a wedding remembrance, Valentine's Day gift, or just to say "I love you" to someone special.

4. Free Rose Window Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

A rose window is term used for a circular window, especially those found in churches with Gothic architectural style and this type of window was the inspiration for this pattern.

Example of Rose Window

5. Marion's Rose Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Marion's Daisy Cross Stitch pattern is based on the Rose stencil pattern by Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Guide to Painting. Marion and Connie worked together to offer a special experience for About.com readers and in this interest Marion gave Connie special permission to use her artwork for this project.

6. English Needlework Rose

This design is from the vintage square cushion dated 1601. Carol Hanson made a guess at the colors as the original photo was in black and white and updated it for modern use. The rose is 66 stitches high by 65 stitches wide.

7. Free Desert Rose Cross Stitch Printable Pattern

A lovely desert rose with the saying "The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose" to accompany it. The design is detailed and includes cross stitch and back stitch.

8. Free Rose Chart from The Cross Stitch Collection

A single blossom on a field of white is a lovely freebie from the Cross Stitch Collection.

9. Rose and Rosebud Cross Stitch Pattern

A Pink Roses free cross stitch pattern for you to print out and to enjoy stitching. It was originally worked on 14-count cream Aida fabric, using two strands of Anchor stranded cotton for the cross stitch, and also for the back stitch on the leaves and the greeting. The design is accompanied by the saying "To Someone Special."

10. Pink Rose from Alita Designs

A large, detailed pink rose from Alita Designs. The rose is 133 wtitches wide by 188 stitches high.

12. Purple Rose Cross Stitch Chart

A lovely rose in full bloom, another free chart from Alita designs. This design is 110 stitches wide by 90 stitches high.
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