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Tips for Printing Free Cross Stitch Patterns

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Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross Stitch Pattern

Design © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Here are a few tips you should heed to ensure that you get good copies of free patterns from online sources.
  1. When you find a pattern, print or save it immediately. Websites may change so a bookmark will not direct you to a pattern that has been altered or removed.

  2. Many patterns, including those at About Cross Stitch, are in the same format as pictures. Adjust print settings to get a larger, easy-to-read pattern.

  3. Using the same technique listed above, experiment to get the key and the pattern to print on the same page if they are separate. Additionally, using “cut and paste” may be an option.

  4. To quickly print free patterns from About.com Cross Stitch, use the "Print this page" option or highlight the pattern and key and choose the "Print Selection" option.

  5. Another option may be to "cut and paste" the pattern and key into another file and print or save that file.

  6. If patterns do not print clearly, check your ink cartridge in your printer. Save patterns until you can get a fresh cartridge.

  7. Since the ink for most computer printers is not colorfast, protect patterns from moisture. Use report covers or sheet protectors.

  8. When you take advantage of free Cross Stitch patterns, remember to respect the copyrights and terms of use for each pattern. Do not copy a pattern unless the site expresses permission to copy and share it. If a friend wants a copy of a pattern, pass the URL along so that he or she can get a legal copy.

For free patterns designed by About.com Cross Stitch Guide, Connie G. Barwick, see the Free Cross Stitch Patterns from A-Z index.

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