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Free Counted Cross Stitch Patterns, Charts, Graphs, and Projects

Free Cross Stitch patterns to stitch for many Cross Stitch projects. Free Cross Stitch charts designed by Connie G. Barwick, presented for your personal use. Patterns designed by About.com Guides for Needlework and Crochet that may be adapted for Cross Stitch and Counted Thread projects. Information about free Counted Cross Stitch charts, graphs, and patterns posted on other websites. Instructions for completing Cross Stitch projects.
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Alphabetical Index of Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Free Cross Stitch Patterns, designed by Connie G. Barwick, About Cross Stitch Guide, organized in a handy alphabetical listing. Includes free patterns suitable for Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Crochet, Pixel Craft, and Scrapbooking. Listings of other free embroidery patterns are included along with free cross stitch variation tutorials.

Tips for Printing Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Use these tips to ensure successful printing of free Cross Stitch Patterns from About Cross Stitch and elsewhere.

Models of Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Stitched Models of Free Cross Stitch Patterns Designed by Connie G. Barwick

Cross Stitch Projects - Ideas and Inspiration
Create customized Cross Stitch Projects by following the guidance of these step-by-step tutorials and how-to instructions.

A-Z of Thread Painting
The A-Z of Thread Painting, edited by Sue Gardner, instructs readers in techniques and skills needed for creating pictures using thread instead of paint.

Punchneedle Patterns and Resources
Use these free patterns and other resources for Punchneedle practice. Punchneedle patterns may also be adapted for hand embroidery or Redwork projects.

Cross Stitch Saying and Sampler Patterns
Stitch these free saying and samplers to add to your home or as gifts for friends and family.

Free Quotes from Authors Cross Stitch Patterns
Stitch these charts to decorate your library or as a gift for a literary friend. Find sayings from Shakespeare, Frank Herbert, Madeleine L'Engle and more.

Free Cross Stitch Patterns with Feline Flair
Stitch a design for yourself or a friend with feline companions. Kitty projects are sure to please. Use these free cat-themed cross stitch charts for special gifts or to display in your home.

Cross Stitch Sampler Motifs - Traditional to Modern Elements
Samplers contain many traditional elements. Learn more about the elements and find free pattern links suitable for creating your own traditional or modern sampler.

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