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Free Cross Stitch patterns with a wide variety of themes. Many of the patterns are whole cross stitch only. Most patterns (unless indicated otherwise) are designed by About.com Guide to Cross Stitch, Connie G. Barwick. The main focus is on Cross Stitch, but you will also find Candlewicking, Hardanger, Punchneedle, Blackwork, and Embroidery patterns. Instructions and Ideas for finishing your projects are presented. Learn more about Cross Stitch designers and creating your own patterns.
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  6. Specialty Stitch Patterns
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Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Free Cross Stitch patterns allow new stitchers to practice skills and offer the opportunity for more advanced stitchers to learn new stitches. If you stitch one of the free patterns, please be sure to submit a photo of the project for the About.com Cross Stitch Photo Album.

Cross Stitch Patterns by Themes

Most of these patterns are whole cross stitch and back stitch. I have thrown in a few simple specialty stitches too - links to tutorials are included for each pattern.

Back Stitch Patterns

Back Stitch is one of the five basic stitches used in Cross Stitch. Many stitchers enjoy stitching patterns that are comprised totally of back stitch.

Bookmark Patterns

Tuck a special bookmark into a book for a personal touch on a great gift. You can never have too many books or bookmarks! Personalize a bookmark with a name or initials for a child and introduce them to your favorite book or author.

Sampler and Saying Patterns

Samplers are a traditional form of embroidery. In times long past stitchers created them to learn and practice stitches and preserve traditional motifs. Today stitchers can participate in the embroidery form by stitching samplers based on traditional themes. Some designers create variations on these traditional themes for fun and unusual designs.

Specialty Stitch Patterns

Specialty stitches from cross stitch variations to hand embroidery stitches are often used to embellish Cross Stitch embroidery. These patterns offer practice with various stitches. Links to tutorials for each stitch are included in the pattern description.

Featured Free Cross Stitch Patterns

These patterns are provided free by various Cross Stitch websites. If you have a question about the pattern, contact the person in charge of the website. Remember that the patterns may be copyright protected, so please respect the terms of use for the free Cross Stitch patterns.

Cross Stitch Projects

Nothing is more satisfying than completing a stitchery project, unless it is finishing the project by framing it or making it functional. Learn how to make cards, pins, bracelets and more from Cross Stitch. Keeping a journal of Cross Stitch projects helps preserve memories and inspirations for projects.

Cross Stitch Designers

Learn more about your favorite designers and meet new designers as you read these profiles. Without these great designers, we would not have all the wonderful patterns we all love to stitch.

Cross Stitch Resources

Reviews of Cross Stitch books, leaflets and magazines. Preview a book or magazine before you purchase it. Offer your own feedback in the About.com Cross Stitch Forum. Cross Stitch Websites and Blogs are additional sources of Cross Stitch Information.

Creating Patterns

Adapt or create your own patterns using these handy resources.

Stitch Diagrams

Use these handy diagrams and tutorials to help with stitching Cross Stitch patterns and charts for embroidery styles related to Cross Stitch.

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