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Ort, Orts

Stitchers refer to snippets of floss as orts.

Whole Cross Stitch

What is meant by Whole Cross Stitch when used to refer to a chart?

Tapestry Needle

Learn what a tapestry needle is and why it is used in Cross Stitch.


UFO is a unique term used to describe a type of stitching project.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Free Cross Stitch Patterns Designed by Connie G. Barwick

Finished Design Size

Finished Design Size refers to the actual space the stitched design takes up on the Cross Stitch Fabric.

Needlework Frames

Needlework Frames are used to hold fabric stable while stitching cross stitches.

Secure Cross Stitch Floss

No knots! How Cross Stitch floss is secured.

In the Hand Cross Stitch Method

Some Stitchers prefer to hold fabric in the hand instead of in a hoop or frame.

Waste Knot

Learn what a waste knot is and how it is used in Cross Stitch.

Waste Canvas

Use Waste Canvas to make almost any material Cross Stitch fabric.

Cross Stitch Kits

A Cross Stitch Kit contains many essential Cross Stitch supplies. Cross Stitch kits are great for beginning stitchers.

Aida Fabric - Basic Cross Stitch Fabric

Aida Fabric is the basic fabric used for Cross Stitch embroidery.

Variegated Embroidery Floss

Multicolor floss with bands of color for a subtle variation.

Skein of Embroidery Floss

A skein of embroidery floss is used in cross stitch.

Over Two

Over Two is a common term used in Cross Stitch.


Stitch and fabric tension in cross stitch

Fractional Stitches

Fractional stitches include the Quarter stitch, the Half Stitch, and the Three Quarter Stitch.

French Knot

French knots and Colonial knots are used to enhance Cross Stitch designs.

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is a popular stitching medium for Cross Stitch.

Cross Stitch Pattern

An overview of what a Cross Stitch pattern is and how to use it.

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are used to hold Cross Stitch fabric at the proper tension.

Six-Strand Embroidery Floss

Six-Strand Embroidery Floss is the most commonly used thread for cross stitching.

Laying Tool

A laying tool may be a useful stitching accessory for needleworkers doing advanced projects.

Evenweave Fabric

Evenweave fabric is commonly used for Cross Stitch embroidery.

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