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Definition: Patterns designed by Connie G. Barwick, Your Guide to Cross Stitch, are protected by copyright laws and may be printed for your personal use only. You may make one working copy of each pattern. The license for these patterns is owned by About.com which is a part of the New York Times. If you would like to reprint an article or pattern from this site, please submit a reprint request.

Please, do not print multiple copies of free patterns. Each pattern has a unique name and URL. Pass this information along to anyone who is interested in a copy of a pattern.

It is permissible to adapt patterns for your personal use. It is also fine to sell projects made from the free patterns at About.com Cross Stitch on Etsy, Artfire, eBay and other sites. The designs used in the project should be properly attributed to Connie G. Barwick of About.com Cross Stitch, preferably including a link to http://crossstitch.about.com as well.

If you have questions about using the free patterns at About.com Cross Stitch, please email crossstitch@aboutguide.com.

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