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Ratchet Needlework Frame


Ratchet Needlework Frame

Ratchet Needlework Frame

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Name of Cross Stitch Tool:

Ratchet Needlework Frame

Composition of Ratchet Needlework Frame:

A ratchet frame is composed of two plastic side holders and two sets of split rails. The side holders support the rails. The rails clamp the fabric between them. The side holders have adjustments which allow you to change the direction the fabric turns in order to tighten or loosen the fabric.

How to Use a Ratchet Needlework Frame:

Place the fabric in the roller following the manufacturer's instructions that accompany the frame. Be sure to get the fabric even in the rails or the frame will not lay flat. When using a ratchet frame, hold the frame by the side holders. Keep your hands off the fabric edges as much as possible or they will become soiled.

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Why to Use a Ratchet Needlework Frame:

Ratchet frames hold fabric in the proper tension for stitching without leaving marks as a hoop often will. For larger projects, frames are very helpful. Ratchet frames hold fabric without the tape or basting required by older frame styles.

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