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How to Cross Stitch

Learn how to Cross Stitch by following illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Basic supply lists are included.
  1. Cross Stitch Tips

Five Basic Stitches
Learn how to create the basic stitches used in Cross Stitch Embroidery.

How to Read a Pattern
Knowing how to read a pattern is essential when you are a beginning stitcher.

How to Stitch a Block of Cross Stitches
Learn how to combine rows of cross stitches to create a small square.

Learn to Stitch a Row of Half Stitches
Follow this diagram to learn how to stitch a row of half stitches.

Lessons for Beginning Stitchers - Learn to Back Stitch
Use these tutorials to learn how to stitch back stitch.

Railroading Cross Stitch Technique - How to Railroad Stitches
Keeping strands of floss side-by-side involves a techniques called railroading.

Stab and Sewing Methods of Cross Stitch
Learn about two methods used to form cross stitches.

Start a Cross Stitch on Linen Fabric
Successful stitching on linen begins with the placement of the initial stitch.

Stitch a Column of Cross Stitch
Stitch a column of cross stitches by following this step by step tutorial.

Stitch a Cross Stitch Colorblock
Lesson for beginning Cross Stitch enthusiasts with photos and tips.

Stitch a Cross Stitch
A brief overview of how to stitch a cross stitch, accompanied by a diagram.

Stitch a Row of Cross Stitch
Step-by-step lesson with photos for stitching a single row of cross stitches.

Stitch Rows of Cross Stitch
Diagram and instructions give helpful insight into how to stitch multiple rows of cross stitches.

Stitch Your First Cross Stitch
Learn how to stitch a single cross stitch by following a tutorial with photos and detailed instructions. If you have never picket up needle and floss, this is the lesson for you.

Three Lessons for Beginning Stitchers
Stitch a simple Cross Stitch Colorblock and learn to Cross Stitch as you follow the detailed instructions in this group of lessons.

How to Cross Stitch on Single Crochet
Follow Crochet Guide Sandi Marshall's illustrated tutorial and learn how to stitch a cross stitch on single crochet.

Cross Stitch Calculator
Use this nifty cross stitch calculator to work out stitch and fabric counts.

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