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Cross Stitch Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the finished design size of your Cross Stitch projects.

To determine the finished design size for your project, enter the dimensions of the project in stitches and the fabric count (in inches or, if you prefer, centimeters) and press the "calculate" button.

If you are stitching over two on linen, divide the thread count by 2 and enter that as the fabric count. If you are stitching over two on Aida fabric, enter the stitch count divided by two for an accurate finished design size.

Cross Stitch Calculator

Design Size:
squares per
Finished Design Size
inches wide by inches high.
cm wide by cm high.

Remember that the numbers above represent the finished design size. Depending on the project, you will need to add several inches to each edge to determine the size you will cut your fabric or stitching surface.

This calculator was created using code from About.com's Guide to Java Script, Stephen Chapman. Create a calculator for your Cross Stitch site by following these instructions.

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