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Learn How to Cross Stitch - Cross Stitch Tutorials and Information

Learn basic stitches used in Cross Stitch, how to read a Cross Stitch pattern, and how to choose a pattern or kit based on your skill level.
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Stitch a Single Cross Stitch - From Start to Finish
Photos and illustrations guide beginners to stitch a single cross stitch.

Five Basic Stitches Used in Cross Stitch Embroidery
The main stitches used in Cross Stitch.

Helpful Hints for Cross Stitch Success
General rules to follow when starting to Cross Stitch to help improve your stitching experience.

Find the Center of Cross Stitch Fabric
A quick and easy method for finding the center of Cross Stitch fabric.

How to Put Cross Stitch Fabric in a Hoop
Detailed tutorial for beginners shows how to put fabric in a standard embroidery hoop.

How to Read a Pattern
Knowing how to read a pattern is essential to Cross Stitch success.

Cross Stitch Books for Beginners
Books for kids to adults who are itching to stitch. Even if you have never picked up a needle, these books and leaflets will have you to stitching in no time.

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