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Cross Stitch Basics


Learn the basic skills used in Cross Stitch embroidery. Find out how to use supplies and tools to make stitching projects more successful. Master techniques to improve the appearance of your stitching. Find the answers to your questions or find out how to get your questions answered.
  1. Learn to Cross Stitch
  2. Five Basic Stitches Used in Cross Stitch Embroidery
  3. Fabrics and Stitching Surfaces
  4. Needles and Accessories
  5. Tools and Lighting
  6. Interpreting Patterns
  7. Stitching Techniques
  1. Suggested Patterns for Beginning Stitchers
  2. FAQs and Tips
  3. Learn the Lingo - Glossary
  4. Using Supplies
  5. Organizing Supplies
  6. Flosses and Fibers
  7. Embroidery Hoops and Needlework Frames

Learn to Cross Stitch

Follow the steps in these photo tutorials to learn the basic skills used in Cross Stitch embroidery. Information is provided in each lesson about the supplies needed.

Five Basic Stitches Used in Cross Stitch Embroidery

Cross Stitch Embroidery is the style of embroidery based on the cross stitch, an x-shaped stitch.

Fabrics and Stitching Surfaces

A wide range of fabrics and other stitching surfaces may be used for Cross Stitch.

Needles and Accessories

The basic needle used in Cross Stitch is the tapestry needle. As your skills progress, however, you may find that adding a few special needles to your tool-kit is beneficial for your stitching projects.

Tools and Lighting

These handy tools and gadgets will help make stitching easier and more enjoyable.

Interpreting Patterns

One of the basic skills necessary to Cross Stitch embroidery is learning to read a pattern.

Stitching Techniques

Beyond the basic skills, developing more specialized techniques and stitching methods leads to more successful projects.

Suggested Patterns for Beginning Stitchers

These patterns are perfect for a novice stitcher who is learning to Cross Stitch.

FAQs and Tips

Common questions asked by stitchers from beginners to advanced and tips submitted by stitchers that offer solutions to common stitching issues. If you have a question about Cross Stitch or a related embroidery style, get the help you need by asking a question in the About.com Cross Stitch Forum. Or, email the About.com Cross Stitch Guide at crossstitch@aboutguide.com.

Learn the Lingo - Glossary

Definitions of basic cross stitch terms clarify confusion for novice cross stitchers.

Using Supplies

Get ready to stitch by learning how to prepare and use Cross Stitch supplies.

Organizing Supplies

Keep your supplies organized. Not only will proper storage protect your stitching possessions, but it will also help you make more time for stitching.

Flosses and Fibers

Flosses and fibers put the fun in Cross Stitch. There is such a wide variety - from the sturdy standby, cotton embroidery floss, to specialty fibers such as silk, overdyed cottons, rayon, wool, and more.

Embroidery Hoops and Needlework Frames

Hoops and Frames are used to help maintain even tension on fabric.

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