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Magazine Name:

Cross Stitch Gold Magazine


Origin Publishing Ltd.

Publication Schedule:

Cross Stitch Gold Magazine is published nine times annually.

Types of Patterns:

The color patterns are very clear, well-printed, and easy-to-read. Pattern Keys typically offer floss numbers for DMC, Anchor, and Madeira Floss. Some patterns are designed specifically for one type of floss.

Most of the patterns are rather large, but tips and hints throughout the magazine guide stitchers to successful completion of the designs.

Magazine Features:

Tips, new product reviews, designer profiles,and topical articles are included in addition to patterns. Detailed instructions are given for how to finish designs.

Stitching Level:

Patterns are for intermediate to advanced stitcher. Beginning stitchers may want to choose one of the larger designs which uses few fractional stitches.

Subscription Information:

Visit Cross Stitch Gold for more information, or check your local craft store or bookseller for the latest issue.

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