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Regular and Petite Tapestry Needles

Some Stitchers Prefer Petite Needles.


Petite Tapestry Needles have the same size eyes as regular tapestry needles, but they are shorter in length.
Photo © 2007 Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Petite Tapestry Needle and Regular Tapestry Needle - Size 24

Photo © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.
In this image, two size 24 needles are shown. The one on the right is a regular tapestry needle. The needle on the left is a petite tapestry needle. The only difference between petite tapestry needles and regular tapestry needles is the length. This makes stitching go faster because there is less needle to draw through the fabric each time. Keep a magnet handy because if you drop a petite needle, the shorter length makes it that much harder to find!
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