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How to Back Stitch - Lesson One


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Get Ready to Stitch a Back Stitch
Begin the Back Stitch with a Waste Knot

Begin the Back Stitch with a Waste Knot

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In this lesson, you will learn how to back stitch a short line.

To learn to stitch a back stitch line, you will need:

Find and mark the center of the fabric. Place the fabric in the hoop and set aside. Cut a 12 to 14 inch length of six-strand embroidery floss. Separate out two strands and thread the tapestry needle.

When back stitching, it is helpful to start with a waste knot. Place the waste knot near the edge of the hoop. Count over two squares from the center of the fabric and bring the threaded needle up from the back of the fabric. The waste knot will keep the floss from pulling through to the front of the fabric as you stitch.

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