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Free Cross Stitch Pattern Collections

Free Cross Stitch patterns grouped by theme or design. Most patterns are designed by Connie G. Barwick - exceptions are noted.

Back Stitch Stars Pattern Collection
Stitch these patterns using the floss colors of your choice. You may also decide to fill in the outlines with cross stitch.

Column Chart Collection Cross Stitch Patterns
The patterns in the free Column Chart Collection may be stitched with the floss colors of your choice. Use a single color or stitch with multiple colors.

Cross Stitch Bookmark Patterns
Make a bookmark for someone special or yourself using these free Cross Stitch Bookmark designs.

Cross Stitch Related Embroidery Style Patterns
Cross Stitch is related to many forms of embroidery through stitches and fabric surfaces. Try one of the other traditional embroidery styles with these free patterns.

Cupcake Cross Stitch Pattern Collection
Stitch a small cupcake motif, border, or saying for a fun decoration for your home or a gift.

Doily Circle Cross Stitch Pattern Collection
Stitch the Doily Circle Cross Stitch Pattern Collection with the three floss colors of your choice or use the suggested colors if you like.

Dragon Cross Stitch Pattern Collection
Free Dragon Cross Stitch patterns to stitch and enjoy with the floss colors of your choice.

Fanciful Fairies Cross Stitch Patterns
Stitch the free fanciful fairy Cross Stitch pattern to decorate a child's room or to add some flair to your favorite jacket or t-shirt. These patterns were inspired by About.com Guide to DIY Fashion Rain Blanken's Fairy Applique Patch Patterns.

Four Ways to Say Peace Cross Stitch Collection
Four Ways to Say Peace in Cross Stitch using the colors of your choice. Make ornaments, decorate tote bags, add the designs to a t-shirt or make wall hangings.

Four-Part Harmony Cross Stitch Patterns
One of the joys of my life is singing, and it is reflected in the inspiration for this Four-Part Harmony Cross Stitch Collection.

Golden Ornament Cross Stitch Patterns Collection
Stitch these simple designs for ornaments, gift tags or combine several for a border on a holiday towel.

Graphic Sampler Cross Stitch Patterns
Stitch the free Graphic Sampler Cross Stitch sampler with the floss colors suggested or choose your own.

Hamsa Cross Stitch Pattern Collection
Three versions of the traditional Hamsa symbol for you to stitch with the floss color(s) of your choice.

Laundry Room Cross Stitch Patterns - Free Laundry Room Signs
Add a sense of humor to your laundry room. Stitch up several signs for yourself or gift them to friends. The free Laundry Room Cross Stitch patterns may be stitched in the colors suggested or those you choose.

Mandala Cross Stitch Charts
Create your own Mandala to aid in meditation with your own needle, floss, and fabric.

Mini Ornament Patterns
Stitch each mini ornament separately or collect them all to create a larger project.

Miniature Square Cross Stitch Graphs
Stitch this free Cross Stitch patterns for display in miniature scenes or for doll house decorations. These free square designs will also be suitable for bookmarks, towels, pins, or bracelets.

Monochromatic Cross Stitch Patterns
These designs may be stitched with one or more colors of floss. Stitch them separately or combine several in a unique design.

Mother's Day Charts
Free Cross Stitch patterns for Mother's Day. Stitch a special gift for Mom. Create a card, a small framed-design or a motif for a scrapbook page.

Pattern Tile Collection
Stitch the Cross Stitch Tile Patterns individually, repeat a motif to create a border or bookmark, or collect several charts and create your own sampler.

Pueblo Pots Cross Stitch Pattern
The free patterns in the Pueblo Pots Collection were inspired by authentic Pueblo Pots.

Quilt Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns
These free patterns were inspired by quilt patterns. Some are close adaptations of traditional patterns and others are merely reminiscent. Stitch the designs for your favorite quilter, or make your own quilt with floss instead of fabric.

Snarky Cross Stitch Pattern - Free Snarky Counted Cross …
Stitch these free Snarky Cross Stitch Patterns for your sarcastic friends to enjoy.

Sports Motifs Counted Cross Stitch Patterns
Stitch the free sports motifs to create special bookmarks or banners for you favorite sports fans.

St. Patrick's Day Themed Patterns
Stitch these free St. Patrick's Day Themed patterns for cards or decorations. Most designs are from About.com Cross Stitch. The designs from other sites are clearly marked. Please respect the terms of use and copyrights for these free patterns.

Street and Traffic Sign Motifs
Stitch these free Street and Traffic Sign Motifs on plastic canvas and decorate a child's room or add to a garment. Use waste canvas to add the designs to a quilt.

Street Sign and Alphabets Pattern
Use the free Street Sign and Alphabets to personalize a child's garment, room decor, or quilt.

Summer-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns
Colorful designs with a summery theme to stitch on beach cover ups, for scrapbook pages, and more.

Tote Bag Motif Patterns
Use these patterns to embellish a tote bag using waste canvas or applique. Another option is to make a simple bag from Monks Cloth or 6-count Aida and stitch the design directly on the bag.

Wide Variety of Back Stitch Charts
If you enjoy stitching blackwork-style patterns, these back stitch patterns will whet your appetite for back stitch charts. Some of the patterns have a few cross stitches thrown in, but are predominantly back stitch, so I included them on the list.

Zodiac Signs Cross Stitch Charts
Stitch your sign or that of a friend for a great gift.

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