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Creating Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross Stitch patterns may be created by hand or by using computer software. Some designers create artwork specifically for patterns or base patterns on the work of artists. Learn more about creating patterns and about the designers who create the wonderful designs we all love to stitch.
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Photo to Cross Stitch Pattern
Choose a service or software to make a pattern from a photo.

Cross Stitch Designers - Profiles of Designers and Companies
Learn more about new and favorite Cross Stitch designers in these profiles. Many of the profiles include sample photos of designs. (Each designer profile is listed by the company name. Some designers use their own name as the company name, but not all.)

Floss Color Card
A floss color card is a very helpful tool when creating your own patterns. The card contains swatches of floss that represent the colors of floss in a floss collection. The swatches may be actual strands of floss (preferred) or may be printed blocks of color.

Brittercup Designs
Michelle M. Lash of Brittercup Designs uses charms and specialty flosses to enhance her Cross Stitch Designs.

Cross-Eyed Cricket
The Cross-Eyed Cricket offers a wide-range of design styles.

Heartland House
Heartland House Cross Stitch Designers offer designs based on Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and other art nouveau designs.

Seguin Designs
Seguin Designs' Lighthouse and Maine-themed stitchery is perfect for beginning stitchers.

Thea Gouverneur
Profile of Cross Stitch Designer Thea Gouverneur, native of The Netherlands

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