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Photo to Cross Stitch Pattern

Making a Pattern from a Photo or Digital Image


Choose a service or software to make a pattern from a photo.

1. Bee Listy Stitches

Bee Listy does custom orders, including creating special patterns, on her etsy shop.

2. Computer Software Programs

Many Cross Stitch software programs have import features that allow you to create photos from digital images and photos.

3. Free Pattern Generator

Make a free pattern using the generator at MyPhotoStitch.com.

4. Pic 2 Pat - Picture to Pattern Service

Create free patterns from your photos. Choose from several options.

5. Pattern Creator

Create as many patterns as you like per month for a small fee. You can see the results before finalizing your order.

6. Free Pattern Wizard

The Pattern Wizard creates Cross Stitch, Beading, Crochet, and Knitting charts. Various image formats are accepted and many options for your charts are built in. Choose colors or have them auto-generated. Choose from flosses like DMC, Miyuki, Anchor, Madeira, and more. Print out the chart or save it to disk. Members of Stitchboard.com gain access to the full version of the pattern generator. Membership in Stitchboard is free as well.

7. Chart Your Own Pattern with TransGraphX

A reusable transparent plastic grid that assists you with creating your own patterns.

Add your site or company to the list.

Do you offer photo to pattern services? Email me and I will add you to the list.
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