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Cross Stitch Magazine Subscriptions Make Great Gifts


A subscription to a Cross Stitch magazine helps expand your pattern collection, allows you to learn new stitches and skills, and assists you in keeping up with the latest trends.

Classic Stitches Magazine

All sorts of needlework is featured in Classic Stitches including Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Goldwork, Blackwork, Stumpwork, and more. Information about new products, contests, profiles of designers, and a stitch glossary are regular features of the magazines.

Cross Country Stitching Magazine

Common design themes in Cross Country Stitching include folk art, country living, quilts, and biblical sayings. The patterns are easy to read with multiple floss and color choices. Instructions and tips are included.

Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine

The color patterns featured in Cross Stitch & Needlework are clear and easy to read. A fact box for each project lists the difficulty level, the stitches used, and the shopping section for materials needed.

Cross Stitch Card Shop Magazine

Patterns in Cross Stitch Card Shop are designed to fit in standard-sized card openings, so most of the designs are smaller. Designs could be combined to create larger designs.

Cross Stitch Collection Magazine

Contests, large patterns, crosswords, reviews of new products, designer profiles, and pattern series are included in Cross Stitch Collection. Each issue also features a copy-right free chart you may stitch and sell.

Cross Stitch Favourites

Cross Stitch Favourites is edited by Anna Davenport and published by Origin. The focus of the magazine is on patterns of all sizes and themes.

Cross Stitch Gold Magazine

The color patterns in Cross Stitch Gold Magazine are very clear, well-printed, and easy-to-read. Pattern keys typically offer floss numbers for DMC, Anchor, and Madeira Floss. Some patterns are designed specifically for one type of floss. Most of the patterns are rather large, but tips and hints throughout the magazine guide stitchers to successful completion of the designs.

Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch & Beading Magazine

Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading Magazine is chock full of patterns suitable for stitchery and beading projects. The magazine is printed on high quality paper and charts are clear and easy to read.

Just CrossStitch Magazine

Most Just CrossStitch patterns are black-and-white, which is a drawback for some stitchers, but judicious use of marker or color pencil alters the patterns to a more readable state. Many of the designs have blended needle components, providing a challenge for even experienced stitchers.

New Stitches Magazine

Each New Stitches Magazine includes Cross Stitch patterns from large to complex, basic information about Cross Stitch, and how tos for specialty stitches and a master class about a particular stitching technique. Contests and information about the latest Cross Stitch products are also included.
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