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ddph's Tip About Cross Stitch Floss Organization

ddph submitted this tip about how she manages to keep track of her DMC floss collection.

Travel with Cross Stitch Tips

Protect your project as you journey along.

Cross Stitch Tip - Pipsqueek's Stain Removal Tip

Pipsqueek submitted this tip about how she removes stains from her stitching.

Za's Tip about Charting Letters and Kerning

Tip about spacing letters when charting words in a Cross Stitch design.

User Submitted Tip - Judy's Tip about Preparing Fabric Before Stitching

Tips for preparing fabric for stitching with grids and preparing the edges of fabric for stitching.

User Submitted Tip - Looey Looey's Tip about Prepping Fabric for Stitching

Prepare Fabric Edge before Stitching

User Submitted Tip - Looey Looey's Tip about Using Interfacing

Use iron-on interfacing to give completed Cross Stitch Projects support.

Cora's Tip about Keeping Your Place on a Cross Stitch Pattern

Use this tip to help keep your place when your stitching is interrupted.

Kay's Tip about Storing Cross Stitch Projects

Tip about storing Cross Stitch Projects from Kay

Signing Cross Stitch Projects Tip

Jofjahaca submitted this tip about how she signs her Cross Stitch Projects.

Pat's Tip on Removing Blood from Fabric

Pat shares her method for removing bloodstains from fabric.

Jodi's Floss Organization Method

Jodi submitted this tip and these photos to illustrate her floss organization method.

Cross Stitch Tip - Sharon's Floss Organization Tip

fill in

Kathy's Filaments Tip

Kathy posted this helpful information in the Cross Stitch Forum.

Cross Stitch Tip - Calipenny's Prevent Fabric from Slipping Tip

Calipenny submitted this tip about how she keeps fabric from slipping in a hoop.

Eva's Tip about Using a Drop Cloth

Follow Eva's advice to quickly protect your stitching from dust when you are using a frame.

jberg16's Tip About Creating a Custom Bag for Stitching

Tip about creating a customized bag to protect your stitching.

Bev's Blood Stain Removal Tip - Get Blood Out of Fabric

Bev explains how she get bloodstains out of Cross Stitch fabric.

Removing Blood From Cross Stitch Fabric - Bren's Stain Removal Tip

Bren submitted this tip about preventing blood stains on fabric.

Cross Stitch Tip - Nancy's Tip About Beeswax

Nancy submitted a great tip about an easy way to thread needles.

Help With Stitching on Dark Aida Fabric

The owner of Battle Wool Shop submitted this tip about how to make stitching on black or dark-colored Aida fabric

Anny's Tip about Floss Storage

Tip about storing supplies from Anny, a frequent contributor to the Cross Stitch Forum.

How to Make a Cross Stitch Card - Fabric Block Method

Use a small Cross Stitch design stitched on Cross Stitch fabric to make a Cross Stitch Card.

Diane's Tip About Adding Seed Beads and Other Embellishments

Diane submitted some great suggestions for adding seed beads and other embellishments to Cross Stitch designs.

Marty's Cross Stitch Floss Storage Tip

This floss storage tip from Marty explains her method for storing Cross Stitch floss.

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