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Cross Stitchers are some of the most helpful people around. They are willing to help others through charity, answering questions, and giving helpful advice. Be a part of the Cross Stitch community here at About.com by participating in the Cross Stitch Forum, submitting a photo for the About.com Cross Stitch Photo Album, or submitting a Cross Stitch Tip. Be a part of the larger Needlecraft community as you participate in Charities and Organizations.
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About.com Cross Stitch Forum

The Cross Stitch Forum offers Stitcher's the opportunity to participate in conversations with other stitchers from around the world. Many friendships have developed over the years, with some stitchers even arranging to meet their forum friends while on vacation. New stitchers can get advice from experienced Cross Stitch enthusiasts. Intermediate stitchers can get tips and help from Advanced Stitchers. Attachments allow you to show off your stitching progress. If you are searching for an out-of-print pattern, or a specific type of pattern, chances are that someone will know just where to find what you are seeking.

Stitcher's Online Photo Album

The About.com Cross Stitch Photo Album allows stitchers to share images of their completed projects with other stitchers. Submissions range from simple beginner's projects to complex projects with embellishments such as ribbon embroidery. It's not just for Cross Stitch - send in photos of any needlework project you want to show off!

Cross Stitch Tips


As stitching skills progress, stitchers learn tips and tricks to make the mechanics of stitching more successful and enjoyable. Many stitchers have participated in About.com Cross Stitch by submitting their best hints so that others may benefit from their experiences. Read the great tips submitted by stitchers and then share your own tips.

Cross Stitch Charities and Organizations

Many Stitchers choose to use their Cross Stitch skills to help others. Whether it is stitching a square to be a part of a quilt for a terminally ill child, or making a Cross Stitch memorial for a fallen soldier's family, or adding a design to an afghan for a senior's lap, your stiches help warm the hearts of others. Cross Stitch clubs, craft associations, and needlework guilds provide many resources for members. Classes help with improving skills. Meetings mean new contacts in the stitching world. Conferences offer opportunities for travel and fun.

Festivals, Events, and Classes

If you are aware of a stitching class, festival, or event, please email me at crossstitch@aboutguide.com and I will add it to the list.

Cross Stitch Polls - Voice Your Opinion

Cross Stitch Polls allow you to voice your opinion and give feedback. Share your viewpoint with other stitchers and use the comments button on each poll to add further explanations of what you think.

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