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Free Cross Stitch Patterns - Religious and Cultural

Free Cross Stitch Patterns related to Religious and Cultural themes.
  1. Celtic (1)
  2. Christian Themes (6)
  3. Jewish Symbols (4)

Alphabetical Index of Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Free Cross Stitch Patterns, designed by Connie G. Barwick, About Cross Stitch Guide, organized in a handy alphabetical listing. Includes free patterns suitable for Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Crochet, Pixel Craft, and Scrapbooking. Listings of other free embroidery patterns are included along with free cross stitch variation tutorials.

Free Hanukkah-themed Counted Cross Stitch Patterns
Use these Hanukkah patterns for cards, gift tags, or home decor.

Menorah Pattern - Hanukkah
Hanukkah Menorah pattern for a small gift or a card.

Menorah Pattern - Sabbath
Stitch this simple Sabbath Menorah Cross Stitch pattern for a gift or card.

Celtic Cross
Free Celtic Cross Pattern to stitch with the color of your choice.

Free Cross Motif Patterns - Cross Stitch and Back Stitch Charts
Stitch these free Cross motif patterns for Christmas ornaments, Easter decorations, Bible covers, or to decorate clothing items for Christian children and teens.

Candlewicking Cross
Candlewicking uses the colonial knot to create simple, elegant designs.

Simple Candlewicking Cross
Candlewicking is based on colonial knots and other embroidery stitches.

Greek Cross
Stitch this stylized Greek Cross with the floss colors of your choice.

Hanukkah Cross Stitch Patterns - Small Hanukah Motifs
These small Hanukah motifs are the perfect size for gift tags or Cross Stitch cards.

Medieval Cross
Free Medieval Cross pattern to stitch with back stitch or four-sided stitch.

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